Umur  Büktaş (794)

Eşi : Hanne

Çocukları : Timur, Rana

İş : Philips Electronics'ten  Managing Director olarak emekli

Cep : + 43.664.2613457




Umur is one of the most industrious boys of 7/B, as well as one of the most trouble-giving. That can also be seen in his philosophy of life, which is: 'Enjoy yourself, and do not care about the others'. Almost every lesson, especially History and Mathematics, he can be seen teasing Sami, Gültekin or Zeki. Emine Hanım used to isolate him on a single chair, during her lessons.

He plays basketball, ping-pong and tennis. He supports Yeşildirek and when he plays football, he usually muddles up which goal is his, and scores goals on behalf of the other team.

Umur also likes driving cars, especially his 1898 model Mercedes Automobile, which he won from the Red Crescent Car Lottery.

He is fond of dancing 'Japanese dances', studying Mathematics and Physics. He does not like his dear friend Gültekin, and shaving his brush-like beard.

His chief hobby is constructing intercontinental ballistic missiles, with which he tried to blow up our class room several times. He says that, his second hobby is collecting lizards. He wants to become a nuclear engineer, and we are sure that he will succeed.

Favourite sentence: 'Çocuklar Niyazi gelmeyecek Adana'ya gitti'.

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Kizim Rana (36), cocuklari Lance (8 aylik) ve Sami (5)


Oglum Timur (42), cocuklari Vincent (10), Lilian (6) ve Leon (6)



                                                         Damadim Mike (41) ,  Sami ve      Lance´e hamile kızım Rana                                  

Timur, Vincent, Hanne, Rana, Sami ve bendeniz 




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