Öztin Yanbastı(98)

Eşi : Gülgün (Tosun,  AK-60)

Çocukları : Murat, Orhan, Doğan

Ev : 372/11 sokak No: 11
Cennet  Villaları Sitesi
Bornova/ İzmir  

Ev tel : 0 232 3438419

0542 3375486


Öztin is famous for his folk dancing. (He is from the Aegean coast). He dances old Turkish dances very well, and also collects old Turkish costumes. He likes eating, drinking, resting and making his tummy larger. He also likes our famous film actress Neriman Köksal, and actor Çeto (Orhan Erçin). He is fond of swimming and riding his bicycle. He hates fighting and eating pencils.

His philosophy of life is, 'Live to eat, not eat to live'. His boarder friends say that, on occasions, he has eaten the meals of five people. Öztin's future plan is to become an olive oil trader. That is to say, that he wants to follow his father's and forefathers' footsteps. He supports Beşiktaş.

Favourite sentence: Neriman Köksal'ın filmi oynuyo....












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