Özkul Sanan  (1974)           


Eşi :

Çocukları :

İş : Cihangir Cad. No:68/8  Taksim  - İstanbul

İş tel : 0212 235 79 78

Ev :

Sınıfımızın güreş takımında yer alan, çok efendi bir arkadaşımızdı. Genç yaşta kaybettiğimiz için çok üzgünüz.

Allah rahmet eylesin.                    

Özkul (Pehlivan), is the only wrestler of 7/B, and wrestling is the only sport that he enjoys. But he had to give it up, after first dislocating and then breaking his arm. He is an easy going fellow, but I would not advise you to annoy him, because he does not like being teased.  He likes laughing and resting, that is why he does not pay much attention to his lessons. Another reason is that he likes writing poems more than studying. His poems are rather sensitive and good.  
Özkul, gets his text-books every year and puts them in his drawer, and never opens them unless obliged to.  
His philosophy of life is to be happy under every circumstance, and we are sure that he will succeed with such an approach to life.
Favourite Sentence: 'Tarihi assam hoca birşey der mi?' 











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