Naci  Bayamlıoğlu (616)

Eşi :

Çocukları : Oya , Nadi ,Nazlı ,...

İş :Fatih 67. Talat paşa Bul.162 Cebeci -Ankara

İş tel : 0312 320 34 23

Ev :Meşrutiyet Cad. No:47/14  Ankara

Ev tel : 0312 240 38 15

Cep tel : 0532 212 55 60


Naci is a famous volleyball player, who has also played in the National volleyball team. His smashes vertical and rather hard. He also plays football and supports Fenerbahçe.

To him, volleyball is more important than his lessons. He is also interested in Turkish music and can sing very well. He likes travelling (he has gone to Europe twice wiIth the College Volleyball team) and geology. I do not know if he likes writing letters, but he is very impatient while waiting for them.

He finds life worth living, therefore he has made up his mind to live till he dies.

Naci does not like selfishness, and superstitious beliefs, but strange enough, he does not like black cats, thinking that they bring bad luck.

He wishes to be a manufacturer, and we hope that he will succeed, if he carries a rabbit's foot for good luck.

Favorite sentence: Afad'dan bir top alalım da voleybol oynayalım.












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