Müren Gökeri (2016)

Eşi : İpek

Çocukları : Deniz , Ateş

İş :Güneş Sok.6 / 6 K.dere-Ankara

İş tel : 0312 137 95 20

Ev :İncirli Sok.15 / 9   Gaziosmanpaşa  Ankara

Ev tel : 0312 128 37 29

E-Mail : mgokeri@superonline.com


Müren (Mırın or Adil), is a boy who is interested in Rocketry and Nuclear Engineering. He likes drinking coca-cola and milk and 'Çember çevirmek'. He is also fond of gambling, especially playing Poker, which even made him play with the Mississipi Gambler. He also thinks life as gambling, and as he is a very lucky boy, we think that this will lead him to success in life. 

His another hobby is throwing chalk in the class-room with rocket velocity, which is 'Waste of time and waste of chalk' with the interpretation of one of our previous teachers. And with Müren's words: 'Babamın malı değil ya!'.  

Müren also likes flying and he is sure that, he will fly one day to the Moon and other stars in a space-ship of his own invention. He is planning to establish a real-estate company on the Moon. Apart from these ideas, he is a quiet and sane boy.

 Favourite sentence: ' Anam, ben böylesini görmedim.'.   



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