Cemil Taner (1906)

Eşi : Gül

Çocukları : Cem , Ayçe

İş :Eczacı

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Cemil (Hoğoz, as we call him), is an 'ufak tefek, sevimli' boy. He plays football very well, and scores beautiful goals. He used to play in goal, before he found out that scoring goals was better than trying to stop them.

His second characteristic is in his speaking. He cannot pronounce the vowel 'r' very clearly. In spite of this, he tries to make fun of Erman, who can not pronounce 'r' very well either, by saying 'Eğman 'ğ'eleği söyliyemiyoğ'. He supports 'Kağagümğük' (as he pronounces it), and thinks he is 'Kadği'.  

He believes in predestination, and therefore does not pay much attention to his lessons.  

Cemil likes making jokes, but dislikes being teased. His chief hobby is collecting smelling football socks. 


Favourite sentence: 'Anne bana pağa göndeğ'. 












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