Can Ülfeti (610)

Eşi : Rübap

Çocukları : Didem, Zeynep

İş : Ören Sok.14 Tandoğan - Ankara

İş tel : 0312 213 16 20

Ev : Şehit Ersan Cad.Pembe Köşk Sitesi B-2/6 Kavaklıdere - Ankara

Ev tel : 0312 222 40 76






Mr. Ülfeti has three first names: Ali, Can and Alican. But he prefers to be called Can and his nick_name is 'Lamelli Breş'. Can is a sportsman. He used to play very good football, basketball and table-tennis, when he was young. Nowadays, he enjoys swimming, rowing, barfix and parallel bars.

He does not like talking too much, but his actions tell you what he means. Since he does not eat enough food at home, he usually eats his finger nails during the lessons.

Can is an industrious boy, and he is most appreciated by Emine Hanım, because his history grade never goes below an absolute ten.

We do not know anything about his future plans, but his philosophy of life is:

'Never smile, at a crocodile,

Till the crocodile smiles at you'.

Favourite sentence: 'Şap yalarım, yine de gitmem'.


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