Akın Sencer (680)

Eşi :

Çocukları :

İş :

Ev : New Jersey   -  USA

Ev tel : 732-842-3765(H)

E-Mail : asencer@comcast.net

Akın (or Yamuş, as we call him) is a quiet boy, although he is rather robust (kerata ayı gibidir). He enjoys barfix and parallel bars nowadays. He also plays football in the goal and supports Beşiktaş.

He is rather optimistic and likes anything but trouble, and hates nothing but trouble. (He has had enough trouble in his school lıfe). He has never troubled trouble, till trouble troubled him. And he never thinks that he will trouble trouble, till trouble troubles him. (This is supposed to be his philosophy of life).

As a hobby, he is fond of eating men. This is how he got his nick name Yamuş (Yamyam). Sometimes, he is also called: William G(H)olden.

As for his future plans, he is rather pessimistic. But we are sure that he will be a good electrical engineer, if he gives up dining on human flesh, and keeps on working hard, as he did in College.

Favourite Sentence: If horse-face comes, I won't go.











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