Akın Özden

Eşi : Betül

Çocukları : Alper , Bener

İş tel : 0312 467 46 95

Ev : Sedat Simavi Sok.29/37

Çankaya - Ankara  

Ev tel : 439 42 00

E-Mail : akinozden39@yahoo.com


Akın (Beyaz as we call him), is a "white" boy. When he burns in the sun, his skin gets a reddish colour, like a scalded lobster.

His soft, yellow hair is always nicely combed. If anyone takes the risk of ruffling it, he might be faced with the danger of being murdered by him. He also dislikes eating celery and studying German.

He likes listening to the radio, driving cars, dancing and toto-calcio, which is a legitimate gambling in sports.  Although he does not play much, football is his all. He supports Hacettepe, and never misses even one match. He also plans to be the president of the Turkish Football Federation.

Akın's philosophy of life is long but meaningful: 'Life is a rose at the edge of a cliff. If you pick it up, you will be able to enjoy its beautiful aroma.

 Favorite sentence: 'Zütttt, adalar....'












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