Tunca Ekin

Medeni durumu: Bekar

Çocukları : Balı Fırat Ekin, Sıla Fırat Ekin

Ev-İş : İzci Sok.No:24/5 06700 Gaziosmanpaşa - Ankara

Tel : 0312 446 2778 Gsm: 0533 434 3035
Fax: 0312 446 24 96

Tunca is famous for his note-books, stale jokes and dictums. His note- books include every word that comes out of the mouth of the teachers, and therefore are frequently borrowed by the class-mates. His 'cold' jokes may also be seen on the board very often. His philosophy of life is one of them: 'İnsan hayat ormanına çam devirmek için girer'. If you think a little, you will be able to understand the deep meaning it hides.  
Tunca plays football (in goal), and ping-pong. He also enjoys barfix and swimming and supports Galatasaray. He dislikes, writing letters, little children and boxing. 
He is fond of solving cross-word puzzles, reading poems and pieces of literature, and drawing black and white portraits of his friends. As a hobby he collects books and  is interested in writing stories full of poor jokes. He has also written the write-ups of 7/B Fen. 
Tunca is planning to be an architect, and hopefully his designs do not resemble his wits. 
Favourite Sentence: 'Geminin süvarisi atını kaybetmişti, o yüzden limana geç vardık'











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