Taner Alev (272)

Eşi : Oya (Gökçe)

İş : Enka Construction & Ind. Inc.'dan emekli

Cep : 0532 324 32 03

Ev: Acarlar Mah. 4. cadde
B 593, Beykoz
Ev Tel: 0216 484 10 16

E-Mail : taneralev@outlook.com


Taner Alev, (or Alıf Tanır, as Herr Dörr pronounces it), is on the whole, a quiet fellow. He has never been seen studying. He may be noticed, sleeping, reading Newsweek or launching rockets on behalf of the Yeta Company, which has been established by him and his friends. We must thank God that they were not able to blow up the school this year, although they tried hard.  

Taner likes films, and he and Ersin Altan were the boys who made our film projector work this year. He is fond of reading about rocketry, cameras, projectors and elelectricity. He does not like superstitious beliefs, writing letters and eating bulgur pilavı. His favourite hobby can be expressed in one word: Rocketry.

He regards life as an eternal struggle, and it seems that, he is going to win this struggle.

Favourite sentence: 'Sonra abi, herif bi roket gösteriyo...

Hobby:  Building yachts in his backyard. He even won  a major race title.












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