Onur Durukal

Eşi : Tijen

Çocukları : Agah , Kerem

İş :Efes İş Hanı K.3/305   Alsancak - İzmir

Ev : 1. Kordon No : 182/3 Urla - İzmir

Ev tel : 0232 244 10 40


Onur, who takes life as a comedy, is the only boy who graduated in June without studying anything. He like sports, especially fishing (in two senses), ski-ing, hunting, camping, archery, sailing (he has sailed only once in his life). He also likes nature and painting. You can see his paintings decorating the walls of our library.

As he hates hot weather, he tells us 'cold jokes' which earn him hard blows on the shoulders. He dislikes 'Otobüs memurları', and being swindled.( He was once sold the Beyazıt Tower). His philosophy of life is, success without work. His number one nick name is 'Kasap', which he deserved due to his cruel attitude at the football field and in the class, anywhere... Although he says, we shall see his future plans, when he becomes an architect, I may tell you that he will open an 'Et kokulu pis butchery' after graduating from the Medical Faculty.

He likes his other nick  Onoş, very much because.....

His favourite song is 'Tom Dooley', which he sings in an odd manner:

'I met her at the party, there she took my heart,
I met her at the Bulvar, where she gave....'

Favourite sentence: 'Tik yap, Yüzbaşı bakıyo....'












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