Doğan Dinç

Eşi : Ayşe

Çocukları :

İş : İnşaat Mühendisi - Emekli

Ev : Ihlamur sok. koza sitesi 8.blok daire 21 4.Levent - 34330  -   İstanbul

Ev tel : 0212 280 51 90

Cep tel : 0537 551 24 99


Doğan is one of the favourite students of our teachers. His name can always be seen on the honours' list. He does not like eating Işkembe çorbası, but he likes eating Paçalı Yoğurt Tatlısı, which can be cooked only by him. He dislikes, overcrowded buses (he has an 1897 model Ford of his own), and cold weather. (Strange to say, skiing is his favourite sport). He likes parties (not political parties of course), travelling, studying history (yağ var), listening to African Music, and collecting stamps. We never see him writing poems these days, but I remember these lines, which he told us about 8 years ago, when he first began to learn English:

'My name is Doğan,
I want some soğan'.  

His philosophy of life is to enjoy it as much as possible.Therefore, everynight you can find him in the bars, drinking till closing time. His future plan is in his words: 'Adam olmak'. We are sure he will become what he desires, since every grown-up male is called 'Adam' in Turkish. His nick name is 'Budu' and he supports Milli takım.  

Favourite sentence: 'Kağıtsız kalıp taşlara çalınmayalım'.











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