İsmail Seven (214)

Eşi : Sema

Çocukları : Sinan , İdil

İş : Oto Koç Gn.Müd. Çankaya  - Ankara

İş tel : 0312 213 40 37

Ev : Kuloğlu Sok. 20/9 Söğütözü - Ankara

Ev tel : 0312 138 13 61





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İsmail is a sportsman. He likes and plays, every kind of game, especially football, tennis, basketball, driving, swimming and table tennis. He is the captain of the football team of 7B, and he has won many championships in tennis. He claims that, he would die for Fenerbahçe. He also likes, dancing and jazz- music. If he does not see his best friend Mete everyday, he sees horrible nightmares in the night.

He does not like double-crossing, selfishness, eating celery and listening to the 'Chipmunk song'. This sentence tells us, his philosophy of life: 'Don't believe anybody, don't hurt anybody'.  This is quite true, because he never believes in good news. and sometimes, he does not play football in order not to hurt ants. Three things, İsmail would like to possess in the future are: success, success and success, as he has had in sports.

Favourite sentence: 'Bu imtihandan kaç alıcam, iki di mi?'


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