Sevinç  Dalyanoğlu

Eşi : Gönül

Çocukları : Kerem

İş :

İş tel :

Ev :Sultansuyu Sok.No:24 Beysukent - Ankara

Ev tel : 0312 299 81 69

Cep tel : 0532 576 20 22

E-Mail :


Sevinç (don't be mistaken by his name, he is a boy), is full of happiness (sevinç), and never feels sorry about anything. He likes laughing and making everybody laugh, very much. His chief hobby is teasing people. If your books are put in the waste-paper bin, or if you have a paper tail pinned on your jacket, you may be sure that, Sevinç didi it.

He is a sportsman, (domuz gibidir masallah), and he prefers swimming, sailing, playing basketball and football. He dislikes school books and words connected wIth these. His philosophy of life, in a few words is: 'Laugh man laugh, whenever you can'. Our dear friend Sevinç wants to become a political scientist, whatever that means....

We wish him a successful future in his career.

Favourite sentence: 'Kasap, benimle bir güreşe var mısın?'












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