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Eşi :

Çocukları :

İş : Ören Sok.14  Tandoğan - Ankara

İş tel : 0312 213 16 20

Ev : Ahenk Sok. 4/7

Çankaya - Ankara

Ev tel : 0312 438 48 37



Mete (or Osman) is well known for his mouth, which broadens when he laughs. He plays in goal football and tennis with a racket bigger than himself. If you look with a magnifying glass, you may see him in the goal, trying to catch the ball. He likes everything and everybody, especially poker (he is the number one gambler of 7-B Fen), and drinking. (He prefers to drink without soda.) Mete is a regular listener to the 'Voice of America', and his favourite hobby is collecting records. He also writes love poems. His philosophy of life can be expressed by two lines, which were written by one of his best friends, Akın Özden:

'Bir dönüm bostan,
Yan gel yat Osman'.

He is the president of the class, and he wants to be the president of his country, starting with becoming a member of Parliament. (I am not allowed to say, on which side). He has so many nick-names that I could fill the whole page with them. However, I will tell you, the one, which was given to Mete, by Mr. Hosier, who was our English teacher 7 years ago: Puppy....

Osman supports Fenerbahçe.

Favourite sentence: 'Hocam, çavuşluktan bi terfi edemedik, gitti...'












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