Güngör Erdumlu     (834)              

Eşi : Kıymet

Çocukları : Irmak, Emrah

İş : D.P.T Ankara

İş tel : 0312 230 87 20

Ev : Tirebolu Sok.25/5

Y. Ayrancı - Ankara

Ev tel : 0312 428 41 20

Cep tel : 0532 745 18 44          


Güngör is one of the most famous fellows of 7B, and he is especially popular amongst girls.He is an easy- going fellow and likes happy people and 'Düğün Çorbası'. (n.b. This soup has got nothing to do with his last two marriages). Against the doctor's orders, he enjoys barfix and parallel. He starts and gives up doing it a hundred times each year.

He has certain principles, which change every time he thinks of something new. He dislikes selfishness, studying the subjects daily and eating Jerusalem artichoke (I.e. yerelması). He is fond of going to the cinema, whenever there is an exam.


Güngör says that, he thinks of life as a lively city-street (whatever that is), and his main hobbies are fighting with his brother, writing poems and brushing his teeth. He is planning to be an architect, and we hope that he succeeds.


Favorite sentence: 'Hay Allah, yine kırıldı!!!!'












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