Günay Kıcıman (684)

Eşi : Sevinç

Çocukları : Aylin , Altuğ

İş :

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E-Mail : gunay.kiciman@superonline.om


Günay Kıcıman (Kıcı in short) is a small boy, yet he plays in the football team of 7-B, and scores beautiful goals.  

As he does not like getting failing grades, he can always be seen studying, when not playing football or riding his bicycle. He also dislikes being disappointed (guess when???).

Günay is fond of reading every kind of books. (Especially, Nat Pinkerton, Uçan Fil Bimbo, Vakvaka  Kardeşin Başına gelenler etc.) He is an expert on his bicycle, both in riding and repairing it. We have to accept this as natural, since he rides his bicycle madly, and has to repair it often.  

He studies Mathematics, so much that he even dreams of algebraic equations at night. As a result of all this, he explains life as an equation, that is not easy to solve. We'd better advise him, to solve it by the integration method. (Fun is the lowest form of wit). This solution will lead him to Electrical Engineering, the profession that  he has been longing for, for years.

Favourite Sentence: İsmo, beni sol açığa koy.












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