Fuat Aygün (20)

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Fuat came to our school from China last year. He speaks, Chinese, Russian, English, Turkish and German(?).It is very pleasant to hear him speaking Turkish. According to him, he likes beautiful things (we do not know what he means by beautiful things), and gymnastics, especially the barfix and parallel bars. He has fallen from the barfix, several times, since he began doing it, and once he fractured his skull, and since then he goes to İtfaiye meydanı, to get his hair cut.


He dislikes insincerity and Turkish literature (as a subject oh the curriculum). His philosophy of life is, being independent, maybe being independent of a wife. We do not know, if he feels hostility for anyone, but Fuat's hobby is collecting guns. As he has no obligation for 'Military service', he wants to be a 'civil engineer'. His school number is '20' (yigirmi as he pronounces it) and his nickname is 'Çingili'.


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