Ersin Altan (1512)

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Ersin (Ağaç), is a famous football and volleyball player of 7/B.  

He likes eating wallnuts, riding his tricycle, wearing American clothes and shoes. He dislikes studying and school. He is an expert on launching rockets made of matches and 'Bafra Kağıdı'. Ersin is interested in playing truant. He is very clever in finding excuses for this purpose. In fact, his philosophy of life is: 'Cut school, whenever you have an excuse for it'.   

His hobby is collecting American shirts and pants. He likes walking along the Atatürk Boulevard and watching the girls passing by.  

He plans to be either a Pavement Engineer (Kaldırım mühendisi) or Nuclear Engineer to launch Missiles.   

Favourite Sentence: 'Bir fındık ağacı ne kadar fındık verir?'



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