Erman Bilgen (844)

Eşi : Feride

Çocukları :

İş :

Ev : Kanada

E-Mail :


Erman is one of the players of the 7B football team. He also plays good basketball and supports Beşiktaş. We call him 'Eğman', because he can not pronounce the wovel 'r' clearly.  

He is a boarder and likes to go to Polatlı during the holidays, to quarrel with his friend Bilsay. But he does not like being teased. He also dislikes eating pumpkin, and drinking H 2 O, He has waterphobia, because he caught thyphoid twice, from drinking tap-water. 

As a hobby, he collects old football shoes, and his philosophy of life is: 'Do not never disturb nobody, if nobody never disturbs you.'


He never disturbs anybody, but his friends disturb him, by giving him nick-names, which I am not allowed to write here.


Favourite Sentence: 'Kağakağtallağ gene gağlip'.












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