Bilsay Keretli

Eşi : Tülin

Çocukları : İpek, Yasemin

İş : İşletme

Ev : İnşirah Sok.No:16 Bebek - İstanbul

Ev tel : 0212 287 09 12

Cep tel : 0532 241 01 13

E-Mail :


Bilsay is from Gaziantep, therefore he likes pistachio-nuts, 'baklava' and 'çiğ köfte'. He plays football, basketball and marbles. His chief hobby is collecting marbles of every colour and size. He also collects old football shoes. 

He has many superstitious beliefs. He is a boarder, and in his drawer, there is garlic, a horse-shoe and a baby's shoe which is put there for luck. He does not walk under ladders, because he once had his head cracked by a falling ladder. That is how he became superstitious.

Bilsay does not like getting up early in the morning, and drinking milk. His philosophy of life is to have fun whenever he can, and boarding life is quite suitable for this. He especially likes quarrelling with his boarder friends, on the beds.












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